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TeamSpeak Server Hosting

TeamSpeak Server Hosting

We are an Authorized TeamSpeak 3 Hosting Provider

Get a TeamSpeak voice server with a personalized domain name and immediate provisioning.

Give your clan the advantage of instant communications!

NOTE: TeamSpeak 5 is due out soon and we will provide that version when it is available.

Get Your Own TeamSpeak Server

$0.28 per slot – minimum 10 slots
($0.25 if you purchase a yearly plan)

Personalize Your TeamSpeak Hostname

Select your personalized name with any one of the following domains:

  • .myts3server.com
  • .myclanserver.com
  • .myguildserver.com
  • .teamspeakserver.rocks
  • .teamspeakserver.link

For example:

crushpad.myclanserver.com, or openmic.myts3server.com


Our servers are lag free and DDoS protected for the best experience

Easy Changes and Updates

teamspeak screenshot

Change and update your slots or account at any time from our billing portal.

We recommend YaTQA to manage your TeamSpeak sessions: Download here

Fast Provisioning

Your TeamSpeak Server will be set up and available almost immediately.