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Simon Campbell

Good hosting, no problem. Good price.



I have been using Golden beaver hosting services for the last 3 years. They are great my ts is always up and the one time they had a ddos attack and my server was down they switched my ts to a ts that had ddos protection and got my ts back up in no time. You cannot beat their prices for what you get. I would definitely say hi with this company for all of your ts needs. Even my friend uses them with no issues thanks to my recommendation


Brian Brown, Ph.D.

Perfect hosting! I have not had to submit one single support ticket since using this service!
I would highly recommend Golden Beaver Hosting!
-Brian Brown, Ph.D.



Good service at a good price. Had some issues on the NY data center, and support was able to quickly move my server over to the Chicago one which was experiencing less issues at the time, though I understand the NY issues were related to a DDOS. Service is consistent and professional.


ani zha

good host with excellent support


Patrick F

Been with goldenbeaver for a year now and im very satisfied. Would recommend to anyone !!



My website is fast and stable since 3 months now, I would recommend goldenbeaverhosting.com to anyone.



Excellent, great support, fast answer + low price



Excellent customer service. I had a lot of problems with my Teamspeak and they have been super helpful in resolving them and trying to find a more permanent fix. Martin from their customer support is always super responsive and helpful. 10/10 Would use again.


Delano Janssen

Awesome Company with nice and friendly support



Our teamspeak server is up and running since day one. We are very happy and they have an excellent customer service, highly recommended!



nice support, price are good


Anatoliy Pshenichnykh

So far so good! :) TY


Patrick Sedin

Happy customer, cheap and reliable Teamspeak server.


Robert Brown

Customer service A+ Server Service A+! I have been though 50+ server provider's and this one is the best and is on top of everything they do. If your smart you will pick Golden Beaver as your Website, Domain & Teamspeak server provider!


Shawn Warning

The price was great and the quality is better. Had the server up and running in minutes. Thanks!


Rumen Iliev

I use Golden beaver servers for a year now. I am really happy with the prices. I had almost no problems with the server and the one downtime I had was fixed in minutes by the live support so I'm really happy with my subscription. Would reccommend it ot anyone.


Guilde Black-Lys

Our Teamspeak server at New York run very well since over 1 year now. Would recommend it to anyone.


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