Why Choose Us

Dedicated to price-quality ratio

Dedicated to price-quality ratio, our mission is to provide the same quality as the big leading providers in the web hosting industry and we ensures that you pay less for the highest quality.

We take care of our clients

We make no false advertising or false promises. It is important to run our business as a hobby and more for enjoyment than for profits. We work hard to bring the best to our clients as a small business. All comments and feedback are welcome, we will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements to our services.

Our Technology

Our services are hosted in secure data centers equipped with a wide range of security, power management, cooling and network access equipment. These infrastructures are controlled and managed 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day by a team of hosting infrastructures experts.
  • My website is fast and stable since 3 months now, I would recommend goldenbeaverhosting.com to anyone.

  • Excellent customer service. My Teamspeak has a had a lot of problems and they have been super helpful in resolving them and trying to find a more permanent fix. Martin from their customer support is always super responsive and helpful. 10/10 Would use again.

  • Awesome Company with nice and friendly support

    Delano Janssen
  • Our teamspeak server is up&running since day one.
    We are very happy and they have an excellent customer service, highly recommended!

  • nice support, price are good

  • So far so good! 🙂 TY

    Anatoliy Pshenichnykh
  • Happy customer, cheap and reliable Teamspeak server.

    Patrick Sedin
  • Customer service A+ Server Service A+! I have been though 50+ server provider’s and this one is the best and is on top of everything they do. If your smart you will pick Golden Beaver as your Website, Domain & Teamspeak server provider! Thanks! Happy Customer!

    Robert Brown
  • I use Golden beaver servers for a year now. I am really happy with the prices. I had almost no problems with the server and the one downtime I had was fixed in minutes by the live support so I’m really happy with my subscription. Would reccommend it ot anyone.

    Rumen Iliev
  • The price was great and the quality is better. Had the server up and running in minutes. Thanks!

    Shawn Warning