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About GoldenBeaverHosting.com

We strive to provide you quality and features like the big name providers, at a cost you can afford.

We started in 2012 hosting TeamSpeak(tm) servers for online gamers, and the hosting of their team’s website. In 2015 we answered the demand to expanded our scope to include hosting for other websites. We’ve now grown to offer domain registrations, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and more.

We continue to grow and it is important to us that we always maintain a personal connection with our clients. As a web hosting provider we are facilitators and continue to work hard to bring you the best service and support we can.

All comments and feedback are welcome, we absolutely do review them to evaluate how we are doing, and how to improve our services.

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Goldenbeaverhosting.com is a Canadian business based out of British Columbia and is part of Trusted Technology Inc.